Matthew Johnson (ftwimages)

Got Pics?

Lots of people can take pictures. Maybe even put them into an album and arrange them. When it comes to your family, you want real memories, though, not just pictures. Real memories endure over time when you capture the story with pictures. That’s what I do for you.

So what’s my secret? I’m part reporter and part photographer. I like capturing the story in the event, and I like capturing how the story unfolds in pictures. I’ll bet you do too. So next time there’s a really important story unfolding call me for a consult before the event and I’ll deliver you not just a memory, but an unforgettable one.

Why? It’s the stories that keep families together, not just the pictures.

How will your story look?

As you browse through the galleries below think about how those most important to you will feel when they can tell the “story” again and again.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our galleries!

Matt Johnson

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